August 19, 2022
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One Step Closer To War

Just moments ago Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Canadian Parliament. As expected, a call for a no fly zone was reiterated. Surprisingly, not everyone is against it.

I doubt anyone is surprised that Ukraine has now personally asked for more military intervention in their fight against Russia, of course, in the form of a no fly zone. Creating a no fly zone means Nato, or specifically, Canadian fighter jets would actively be patroling the skies over the country. This would of course mean that we could very well be shooting directly at Russian aircraft. Make no mistake, that is outright war. While pondering this idea, keep in mind that Russia’s MIG-29 fighter jets are faster and more manouverable than Canada’s fleet of used CF-18 fighters.

You might think that there is no way Canada would do anything that might risk a full on war with Russia, but you would be wrong. Surprisingly, a recent Leger poll showed that nearly three quarters of Canadians believe that we should be preparing for military intervention in Ukraine. Interestingly enough, the same poll showed that nearly half of Canadians believe that Putin will use nuclear weapons if the war doesn’t go his way.

Those sentiments aren’t limited to the Canadian populace. Today, shortly after Zelensky’s speach to Parliament, Interim Conservative leader Candice Bergen claimed that we should impose a “partial” no fly zone with the intention of protecting humanitarian corridors. At nearly the same time, International Affairs Minister Melanie Joly claimed that Canada is not a military superpower.

Don’t let the constant onslaught of media coverage numb you to the reality of what is going on right now. Take this seriously, because as every day passes we are getting closer and closer to to the unspeakable. Anyone paying any attention to this even through the blinder covered eyes of legacy media knows this. Just imagine if we knew everything that is really going on instead of just what we are intended to see.

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