August 19, 2022
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The Right Honorable Brian Peckford – Live Interview

Many nations have constitutional questions in regards to the interpretation of the language or intent of constitutional law. The most common reason for these questions is that those who actually wrote the laws are long dead, and as a consequence, unavailable for clarification. Fortunately, at least for now, Canada doesn’t have that problem. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms is relatively recent, and we have one person still with us for questions. The Right Honorable Brian Pecckford was Primiere of Newfoundland when the Charter was written, andactually helped formulate it’s language.

David Freiheight has Youtube and Rumble channels called Viva Frei. He is a lawyer turned Vlogger, discussing a variety of current event issues. A former candidate for the PPC in a Montreal area riding, Viva Frei has a unique view (usually from a legal perspective) of the state of world events. He was present and live streaming from the Ottawa protests after hearing the rhetoric and wanted to see and document what was really going on at the ground level.

Today, at 1PM eastern time, Viva Frei will be hosting Brian Peckford live on Youtube and Rumble. If you have any questions, or want to confirm or dispel particular topics in relation to the legality of the government reaction to the Ottawa protests, this is a must watch.

While I would live to simply simulcast the interview right here, I don’t want to take away from David’s important work, so I will simply post links.

On YouTube:

On Rumble: (link to channel only. No video link available until the episode starts)

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