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Storing Meats For The Apocalypse

Just in looking at the state of the world over the past year or so, and you can’t help but notice the instability. Reasons for being prepared are numerous and growing more so by the day. War in Europe threatening to reach into other continents, military posturing by multiple opposing factions, new diseases mutating, economic instability, I could go on, but I think my point is made.

I’ve been pushing food storage for a while now. The reasons are demonstrated in the opening paragraph. In the last article I wrote regarding food storage, I mentioned getting the dehydrator running full tilt. Still a good idea, that process leaves meat products more or less out of the loop. So what are the best ways to preserve meat products for a longer term SHTF event? Let’s take a look at the options.

Freeze dried foods are the best option for long term storage. Unfortunately, meat products are difficult to find in Canada and expensive when they are available. With that, home freeze drying is now possible with the Harvest Right line of home freeze dryers. The smallest version of this appliance can process up to 7lbs of food at a time. Taking a serving size of 1/4lb per person, this would give up to a weeks worth of finished product for a family of 4. Home freeze dryers are great for storing food in ingredient form, but can also process complete meals for easy reconstitution later.

Freeze dried food lasts up to 25 years when stored properly. The Harvest Right units come with a supply of mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, and a bag sealer. Ready to go out of the box. The only downside, and it’s a consideration for sure, is price. Home freeze dryers will cost you between $2400.00 and $4800.00 USD. Add shipping, duty, and taxes and you can see why some people hesitate. Prepper groups could pool funds for one and make it available to members for use, or preserve food for the entire group.

Pressure canning is another great option for meat preservation. Unlike the home freeze dryers, pressure canners are more affordable. The Presto version pictured above sells for under $250.00. Jars and lids are still widely available and affordable. Home canned food will last for a few years. Pressure canning is easy to learn. If you can home can fruits or tomatoes, a simple upgrade in equipment will have you canning all sorts of foods. There is a great resource available to gold members, The USDA Guide To Home Canning. With this guide, you will be home canning low acid foods like vegetables, meat, and fish in no time.

The rationing systems brought about by war, continuing inflation, and supply chain issues can all lead to food shortages. There is no time to waste. Start preserving food now.

Pitter patter folks….pitter patter.

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