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Getting Ready To Bug Out

There are man reasons why one would prefer to stay bugged in. Most disasters you could encounter are easily survivable once preparations are in place. That being said, there are certain times when an evacuation is in order. For some reason, railway accidents involving toxic chemicals or a Russian nuclear missile come to mind, among other scenarios.

Keeping your bug out vehicle in good working order is essential. Do not ignore or put off minor repairs as they have a nasty habit of becoming major problems just when you need your escape buggy. Go ahead, ask me how I know! Most reliable mechanics will let you know if anything needs attention now or might be coming up soon when regular maintenance like oil and tire changes are done. While we’re on the topic, regular oil and tire changes (rotation if you use the same tires all year round) will go a long way in keeping your Mad Max Machine in top shape. Keeping a car kit, as discussed here, in the vehicle is a must. Check up on your spare tire from time to time also. If it’s no good, scrap yards will have them for cheap.

Keep supplies handy and organized so that they may be transferred to your vehicle quickly and without much thought. First off, would be food and water. Having buckets of freeze dried food or your own food items in buckets or totes, along with bottled water, makes loading up easier. You may want to consider adding a bucket or tote with cooking supplies, such as a stove & fuel, cookware, and clean up items.

Backup fuel is also a great idea to take with you. Gas stations may not be working, or lineups might make fueling up impractical, even down right dangerous as tempers over boil. We all have fuel in storage, so keeping it fresh and ready to go is important. Treated fuel should last a year or so. Now, I for one understand what it’s like having gas cans in the back of an SUV. Also, if you only have a sedan or other non-cargo carrying vehicle, space for fuel will be limited. For your bug out needs, consider using a pick up truck with a cap over the bed, or getting a closed trailer and a hitch installed. If you have a large enough vehicle, a camper trailer could also be considered. Closed cargo trailers can also double as temporary shelter if need be.

I highly recommend packing your bug out gear and supplies in totes or square buckets. They stack well and maximize space. Duffle bags, suitcases, and backpacks are all well and good, but can cause headaches when trying to pack your vehicle with maximum capacity in mind. The last thing you want to deal with when getting out of dodge is having to play a game of tetris.

Finally, your bug out bag. This pack should have everything you need for 3 days on the road without resupplying. This can include spare clothing, tools, radio, food, water and other supplies. Instead of packing these in the trunk or trailer, keep them with you in the passenger area, on the floor, in your lap, or on the seat beside you. You may have to abandon your vehicle and go on foot at a moments notice. You definitely don’t want to have to take time to dig through everything else to get what you need.

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