September 27, 2023
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Things Are Getting Worse – Get Your Assets In Gear!

Have you been paying attention to the world around us lately? I mean REALLY paying attention? You should be, and if you are, your prepping should have stepped up in a big way.

I know you’ve been hearing about nuclear war lately. Russia has had no problem letting the world know that they will absolutely be willing to use nuclear weapons in relation to their war with Ukraine. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones talking this way. The words “nuclear weapons” have come out of the mouths of many leaders lately, some of them may surprise you.

Of course, there is always the threat from North Korea. By all accounts Kim Jong Un seems hell bent on developing a deliverable nuclear weapon and it looks more and more like he will push the button the moment it’s hooked up to something functional. Recently, they have tested cruise missiles launched from a submarine. The threat from this country can’t be understated. The only silver lining with this scenario is that they would likely only get one chance to strike, as complete and utter destruction would be quick and decisive. In the theatre of a world nuclear war, NK would likely be the first threat to be eliminated.

When it comes to Russia, it doesn’t take any imagination stretcher to figure out that the are working closely with their allies such as Iran and China…not exactly friendly nations to the west. Let’s not forget that just yesterday, Russia shot down, caused to crash, or had something to do with an American drone crashing into the black sea while it was over international waters. Make no mistake, US drones don’t just fly around doing nothing in particular. This drone was on a spy mission or a test mission to judge Russian response times. That drone was there for a reason, and it’s not the first one to be spotted in the area, and Russia knew it. The fact that one of these drones was eventually brought down is no surprise, but even if expected, it’s still an escalation. Military spending has increased all over the globe with nation after nation declaring billions in extra “defense” spending. This is not a good sign. Countries on all sides of the political spectrum are ramping up production of military hardware, while many have already put citizens on alert to the possibility of nuclear conflict.

If all this talk of nuclear annihilation wasn’t enough, there’s another threat that is so far, falling under the radar of a surprising number of preppers. Perhaps some of this stems from the whole Covid 19 thing and the arguments still going on today about it’s origins, survival rates, and government responses to it. Some reports place the avian flu mortality rate somewhere around 20%. In contrast, Covid’s mortality rate was less than 1% and it still killed an estimated 6.8 million deaths. Imagine what a virus with over 20

times the fatalities could do to the global population. Now, lots of folks will tell you that it simply can’t infect humans, and up to now, that does seem to be the case. What’s concerning is that it is no longer restricted to avian species. Recently, some dead skunks in BC tested positive for the avian flu. This means it has jumped to mammals…humans can’t be that far down the list of potential victims. At the very least, this virus threatens the food supply as larger rodents often visit farms for food and shelter.

We’ve all become very aware of the effects of inflation. Now, whether you believe it was caused by Putin’s war mongering or government overspending doesn’t really matter at this point. Inflation is here, and food inflation in particular has proven it will continue to remain high even as the over all rate trends slowly downward. That in itself is bad enough, but now we have seen two US banks shuttered in the past week. Credit Swiss is also teetering on closure.

Once banks start to fail, bank runs are inevitable as people everywhere loose faith in the institutions they task to safeguard their retirement funds. Since almost everything these days is done over the internet, the speed at which a bank run can spread will likely outpace any response by regulators. Really, the only way to control massive cash removal from the banking system is to place limits on withdrawals, or to stop them all together. Imagine what would happen when people can’t get to their money.

I’m not normally a fear mongering doomster, but something right now feels different. While I might be able to ignore any one of the current issues on their own, the fact that all this is happening at the same time feels wrong. Preppers need to step it up in a big way. Nuclear war readiness, viral pandemic readiness, and financial collapse readiness should be top priorities right now.

Go to work folks.

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