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Wash Away The Stink Without Power!

Until recently, off grid laundry was done with a wash tub and board. While this does work for cleaning your clothes, it is labour intensive and rinsing/wringing are an absolute pain in the neck. This ends now with manually powered washing machines. This unit will wash, rinse, and spin out your laundry without power and with minimal effort. Click on the image below to view and purchase on!

  • QUICK WASH: Non-Electric Washing Machine The speed can reach 400 rpm and can be easily dried,portable washing machine offers a quick and convenient way to wash your everyday delicates . reduce visits to the laundromat
  • REMOVABLE DRUM :Ever wonder how dirty the inside of your washer can be? washing machine that gives you access to see and clean the inside of the washer when needed. Built to last with high quality materials and easy to maintain
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Reduce your energy, water and detergent consumption by using Manual Washer and air-dry your laundry after the spin dry cycle. uses 0 electricity which means there is no complicated program settings and you’ll have the freedom to use it anywhere, anytime
  • SMALL & PORTABLE : lightweight and easy to use anywhere. fits seamlessly in any small space. Store it inside your shower or put in inside your car trunk during your exciting road trips. The carrying handle allows you to move the washer with just one hand, making it the most portable washer ever
  • LAUNDRY MACHINE :Fast, easy and quite laundry solution for your white, silk, sock and even cloth diapers,Great for RV’s, camping, apartments, dorms and more. Also ideal when you only have a few items to wash

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