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Amazon for Preppers!

Stocking up your prepper pantry can be a huge drain on your time and money. While shopping local grocery sales is a great idea, and where we recommend most preppers start out, other options, such as freeze dried foods should also be considered.

Ordering from your favorite prepper supply outlet can be frustrating. Inventory issues and shipping times and costs are often a deterrent. Amazon can help out with this. First of all, a PRIME membership can get you overnight or even free shipping. That’s a real savings in both time and money. Let’s face it, with world events as they are, both are in short supply. You can get a free trial period for Prime and see if it suits your needs.

Amazon also offers pretty much all your favorite prepper brands…Mountain House, Auguson Farms, Nutristore, and Readywise are all available and usually ready to ship. Check it out for yourself right here.

Preparedness food items aren’t the only thing preppers can find on Amazon. For instance, our associates program reports that the most popular item ordered recently was this faraday box/bag set.

Need prepper supplies fast?

Try these links…and don’t forget to check out a free Prime trial!

Emergency Food

First Aid Supplies

Home Security

Water Purification

Indoor Emergency Heaters

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