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It’s Garden (Planning) Season!

Winter is a time when many preppers are dipping into preps. The home canned foods are getting opened and eaten, the firewood pile gets used up, and fuel gets burned in the generator after winter storms knock out power. That doesn’t mean we have to be in consumption mode though, as there is lots to do while we wait for spring.

A failure to plan is a plan for failure, or so they say. Why not take this time to plan for next year’s growing season. Those of us that have land to grow food on may want to look into expanding the garden plot. Perhaps look into getting more fruit trees or shrubs. Urban folks might want to start looking for community garden spots or brush up on container gardening for the balcony.

Most preppers will garden in order to provide for a preservation harvest or, at the very least, a season of fresh vegetables without the use of pesticides or GMO’s. There is however, another angle to gardening. Growing exotic looking or other specialty plants can be done as a side hustle or a home based business.

Bottle gourds can be made into decorative birdhouses for craft sales or farmer’s markets. Hot peppers of all varieties can be turned into popular hot sauces that you can offer for sale. Colored corn is a popular decorative item that can be sold to suburbanites for fall decor. The ideas are almost limitless, and I have a few ideas for this coming spring that I’m keeping to myself, for now at least.

Don’t forget some non edibles for the garden such as marigolds for insect protection. You may also want to consider flower assortments that attract pollinators. Loofah gourds are great if you want to process them into cleaning sponges.

In any case, you will want to start thinking about your garden soon. Seeds, especially exotic types can be hard to find when planting time comes. So order your seed catalogues now and start planning for your future!

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