Best Ways to Style Your Shotgun – Guest Post From

Sometimes, the standard new gun might not be enough to tickle your aesthetic or custom sense. It might look nice and elegant just the way you bought it – but it still does not look that way you have been expecting it to.

Canadian gun laws do not offer you a lot of freedom when it comes to gun ownership, particularly if you go around the prohibited classes. However, if you do eventually acquire a shotgun legally, then it does not necessarily have to remain the way you purchased it. Here are a couple of ways for you to style your gun and make it look even more interesting.

1.Gun Wraps

Let’s say that you don’t want any fancy accessories added to your gun. You only want to change the way it looks – to remove that boring, metallic look that most guns have initially. The good thing about gun design is that you do not necessarily have to stick to the old model. You can give it a pattern that will represent you more.

Say, for example, that you want the flag of Canada on your gun. Or maybe you want to give your shotgun a camouflage print. In that case, you might want to get a gun wrap for your firearm. There are various prints and materials to choose from, the most popular being laminate, vinyl, and ink.

2.Double Drum Magazine

Do you want to feel like you are in one of those action movies? Maybe you are in one of those situations where you have to go against the almighty himself. Or maybe you are getting ready for the zombie apocalypse, and you need to shoot as many rounds as possible per second.

No matter the case, you might want to style your gun with a double drum magazine. This accessory is an ammo cache that takes about ten seconds to go from 100 to 0. It is a “combat multiplier” that turns lethal firepower in something even more lethal, giving it a powerful blow. Granted, it is kind of a costly investment – but this custom feature gives you the power to get out of every dangerous situation.

3.CornerShot Accessory

Let’s say that you have an airsoft competition with your friends, and every second that you spend pointing your gun is a second that makes you even more vulnerable. The problem with shotguns is that if you want to have a good aim, you need to point in a straight line.

However, this problem can be fixed with a CornerShot. Plus, aside from its functionality, it will turn your shotgun into a bendy interesting marvel. The style of your gun will suddenly take a futuristic turn – and the best part is that you may fit this accessory with any other kind of gun.

4.Spear Shotgun

Sure, you might have a decent knack in shooting bullets or pellets from your shotgun – but what if you want more. Sometimes, that might not be just enough, and you might want your shotgun to look like something pulled out of the Civil War.

It’s 2020 now, so we guess the Civil War is over. Still, we can’t say goodbye forever to their styles of guns, as they were too cool. The spear accessory is particularly what caught our eye, as it is both attractive and useful.

Maybe you don’t want to shoot anything. Maybe you just want to spear it or give it a few stings. In this case, a spear accessory might be the thing that gets the point (pun intended). Make sure that you do not pull anyone’s eye out with these spears – or at least someone’s eye that you did not necessarily intend to.

5.Shoulder Stock

If you’ve ever watched an action movie, you probably noticed how the guy had to surrender after terminating all of their bullets in their shotgun. Now, let’s picture this: your bullets from the shotgun are empty, your enemy gets closer, and you pull a hidden Glock from your shotgun.

Yes, it’s possible – if you use the MULE Adaptive Storage Stock, that is. This gadget is attached instead of your standard stock and has a place where you may install a secondary handgun.

To the untrained eye, it might not look like you are carrying any other extra weapons – but once you reach the hilt of your shotgun, you’ll be able to pull your backup. It is certainly James Bond material, and it will make your gun look cooler.

6.Pyrotechnic Ammunition

Want to barbeque a deer in just one shot? Roast a chicken without starting a standard Boy Scout fire? Do you want to add some flare into your shots – to add some literal “Dragon’s Breath” with every shot that you take? Well, in this case, you might want to go for zirconium pyrotechnic ammunition shells – not necessarily because they are overly useful, but because they look cool.

These bullets are practically standard shells, but they have been packed with magnesium pellets. This way, when you pull the trigger, the magnesium will ignite and spread flames throughout its path. Anything caught in its range will probably regret being anywhere close in the first place.

This type of ammo was made to burn things and make your gun look cool. It is not particularly silent, which means you may not be able to use it for hunting – but it is still a good choice if you care for the aesthetics more. Plus, even if you don’t shoot anything live with it, you can shoot at the fireplace and get the fire started.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, standard-issue guns are boring. So, why not spruce them up a bit? Some of these accessories are not even that difficult to install, so you might be able to style your gun yourself. All you have to do is decide what you want.

Some Fishing Techniques To Ensure Your Survival

Guest Post By

Brown trout is held in a fishing net after being caught in a river in western Pennsylvania. The trout was caught while while fly fishing in a small river that had been stocked with rainbow, brown and tiger trout.

Fish are a delicious origin of nutrition or in the long period survival case, they are not harder to get. Firstly, dispelling the notions which this review could possess several cuddly. Besides, to help you gain a deeper understanding of some fishing methods, we will create this article to make you clear about it. 

Initially, you have to get the origin of the water. The river and stream are the most expectable, or you can take into consideration the fish to obtain some useful information. The main objective is to gather some fish as well as maintain them to be alive so that you could not spend a lot of time and energy as well. Here is particularly that you can be best served with the river when searching for the path out of the dangerous case. Water could make some individuals attractive, or some rivers own water. Besides, you need to keep track of the river for civilization and collapsible wading staff as well. When you trek, we make sure that you want some food and start to prepare for grabbing some fish. 

For People Who Are Making Preparations

Establishing the control line as well as assemble it through the narrow, shallow, or the river’s portion for double reversible trees. Next, based on these lines, you need to hang down some leaders such as pre-sized line’s pieces, and pre-cut as well). In other words, they could float double inches and get down underwater. The fish could swim particularly inside the way during the bait is set. 

– The placement’s narrowness can maintain the fish to be funneled inside the hooks’ way so that you can spread the hooks around 14 inches far away, or get an affordable hope of grabbing fish. 

– The truth that here is the passivity construction inside the method shows that the time is wasted to do various stuff, or the fish are not scared of the movements around the water. Besides, it could occur when you are looming through them. 

– The whole deployment shows that it is a procrastinating game until you obtain some stuff to digest as well. 

– Switch over the log or look for worms, and bugs for baiting the hooks. Therefore, some stuff like it can operate, but you need to put more effort into them as soon as possible.


When you are poisoning, it could not be made outdoor of the survival view, we highly recommend that you need to make the best use of pure poisons in shallow water pools for eliminating the gentle some of the tiny fish for a while. 

The next stuff is particularly available for poisoning the fish, here are not dangerous for people. 

– In big enough amount, the young nut could husk some walnuts to make your fish poisonous.

– Lime, that could be derived from burning the seashells as well as activate them up, could even make the fish poisonous into the shallow pools. 

– Here are some weeds which could achieve a similar target, but it can request that you can not carry out some surveys before you move out as well. 

Install the fish screen

The first thing you need to do is to grab some sticks of dimension or let them out above the base around 12 inches as well. The mixture of sapling branches and weave supple can establish the wood wall along with the clear space for water to move. Besides, the tension is due to the sapling’s versatility that can hold some sticks in the area, or if possible, you can strip the slimy bark’s strips from the previous saplings for tieing down the various pieces. 

On top of it, the slimy strips could also be mixed or braided to produce the cord for using like the low-strength rope. Finally, you could make the screens for the fence line underwater. 

Make a fish wall

The substantial dynamic approach could be accomplished from damming the river through some feet for the bend so that the fish could not recognize that the water direction could be impeded. On the other hand, they could swim and move straight inside the dame or here you could spear and also catch them as well. 

Next, you could take the most advantages of the fish screens in the path, but it could request the dynamic responsibility for grabbing the fish. Make the best use of the technique along with different double techniques could produce double origins of fish or a single active origin that can make you reel in fish. 

Make the fish net

Another thing that you need to care about is to fly fishing net. In other words, make the most of the strips of bark sapling to produce the loose wood’s mesh. Next, you need to tie the strips’ series for a single long strip or here, spacing or repeating around 1.5 inches further down. Then, you tie a different long strip above the strips’ series. 

Apart from it, you can need to create the straightforward knots for producing the interwoven strips’ series while glanced at from the top can be similar to the checkerboard. 

Next, take 0.75-inch depth sapling or cut for the length around four feet or strip can overcome the branches as well as left it as well. Finally, let’s dip it into the water for double hours until it gets waterproof. Too much water inside the fibers of wood could turn it to be versatile or during it dries, the white wood can get it to be quite rigid as well.  

Making a preparation or cooking fish  

Here is the hole around two inches of the tail for approximately every fish above the earth even though you need to glance harder for other species to look for it. Next, insert the knife tip or control the fish around the rear side of the gills. The guts are particularly consisted of inside the zone which you can expose or could be dealt with a single scooping movement of the hand. 

Next, utilize the guts to make some animals attractive for the straps, and use for baiting the meat-consuming fish. In water, some guts could arrive in handy like the bait even though you are using them particularly for preventing from pulling the huge sharks for you. 

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