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Greetings from Calgary

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I'm a freshly-started amateur prepper, into stock up, bushcraft, sport shooting, off-road (just started) and amateur radio. I'm involved with the Canadian Coalition for Firearm RIghts as an Alberta Director and General Counsel, and you can usually find me on the air the amateur bands on Sunday nights in the Calgary area Emergency Preparedness Net (9 pm on 145.290 Mhz) and spinning the HF bands before and after that.

On YouTube I'm currently watching The Canadian Prepper series and I also look for Civil Advantage firearm reviews, and if you have any recommendations for other resources please do share.

I'm cooking up plans for some solar power to keep the LEDs on in the bush after SHTF, so that's an area I'm happy to discuss as well.

I look forward to exchanging prepping ideas as well as any and all information about bushcraft and outdoor/off-road activities around Calgary.



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Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the group, I hope you find everything your looking for, like land outside of the city, this seems to be the only thing everybody is missing.

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Hi Michael,
I am also in the Calgary area. New to prepping posting here. I have some past in run and gun shooting and recently have taken up amateur radio. I am a writer-ish and have written a novel of the apocalypse and I like to think about/ write about the problems of the apocalypse. I will try to connect on the net on sunday.

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Welcome to the group!

"The thing about smart mother f*ckers, is that they sometimes sound like crazy mother f*ckers to dumb mother f*ckers." -Abraham .”

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