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US Peacekeeper Rapid Deployment Pack

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The Rapid Deployment Pack is designed with one priority in mind, “put all the stuff I really need where I can get to it fast”. Whether you're a cop on patrol, a first responder, or a civilian that needs to be prepared for any situation, the Rapid Deployment Pack is the essential "Grab and Go" bag for you. When you have to leave your vehicle in an emergency or your home during a crisis or unknown situation, access to crucial equipment is critical and US PeaceKeeper's Rapid Deployment Pack is the perfect solution. The Rapid Deployment Pack is compact enough to stow under a seat, yet large enough to hold everything you might need. There is plenty of room for: (4) rifle and (2) pistol magazines, a concealed backup handgun, two-way radio, 16.9 oz water, flashlight and spare batteries, first aid kit, knife, multi-tool, trauma kit/clotting agent, tourniquet and other personal essentials.

Lifetime warranty
Durable, water-resistant 600 denier polyester
Ergonomic shoulder sling pack, designed with quick-release, front-locking buckle
Main compartment (7.5"l x 8.5"h x 2.5"d)
Inside compartment offers a wide elastic band and front net pocket to help organize gear (6.5"l x 5"h)
Concealed zippered pocket with hook and loop holster straps to secure a variety of handguns (8"l x 8.5"h)
Nylon webbing anchors to accommodate added modular pouches
External pouches feature reinforced nylon removable flaps with hook and loop fasteners
Two rifle mag pouches (each holds up to 2 rifle magazines)
One pistol mag pouch on side (holds up to 2 pistol magazines)
Open side pouch with drawstring to accommodate radio, water bottle, or other gear

Size: 12"l x 10"h x 3"d Weight: 1.4 lbs Color: Black

$45 plus shipping


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It was first thing in the morning, I had just sat down with a coffee when I started checking the news, viewing different sites. I seen your post and started to read the title and I just about had coffee come out my nose. US and peacekeeper are not words that go together. Funny but don't go together.
Its like "wonderfully cancerous" the words just don't go together if you understand the meaning of words.( I know you didn't pick the name of the product)

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