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what kind of war will likley most affect us

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Wide number of topics to cover. Nuke, biological, currency, standard invasions of little countries escalating...

Here is one that most of us are very aware of and that is bringing down of the grid.


Huge impact yet a likely viewed as a soft means of grabbing people’s attention. If you happen to be in that city or region, you are certainly going to be in a world of pain. What will it look like if power was taken down for a month?

If you are not directly affected in Nova Scotia, BC or Ontario, what would affect be on us canucks if strike was in California or NYC?

Things that come to mind are obvious impact on financial market/crash. Importation of goods from china via California and Washington ports would cease to exist and that impact on jobs and supply of goods here in Canada.

The interesting thing is no matter what the trigger or event is, our preps are all going to help and I am real happy to hear all the ideas on this board about food, power, radios, procurement of food etc. Safe to say, many of us have our ideas as to what will bring us down but it is very important that while not losing sight of what gets us especially motivated, that we put aside niche issues and always build upon the greater impact on our very complex lives. We all need water and food, but then medicines come into play, impact to family, issues about when we are out of town on business or pleasure and how to get back or survive in-situ.

Circling back to what will hit us, I tend to lean towards hydro or financial hit/hack or outright collapse. Both are a tie for likelihood, but there are all manner of other scenarios and other then a nuke attack, the end results are almost all the same. It will only depend on severity of the event.

Prep away folks, it’s all a good plan

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