September 28, 2023
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Weather Watches, Warnings, or Statements In Every Province/Territory

Environment Canada warning map at time of writing.

At this point in time, there are extreme cold warnings, blizzard warnings, and the east is looking at special statements in anticipation of heavy snow fall. This seems to be a unique situation in the country as I was unable to find any other time when every province and territory had simultaneous warnings.

Many of these warnings will remain in place through Christmas, making travelling difficult and heating more important than ever.

Be prepared for power outages and being holed up where you are for a day or two. Check all your preps. Alternative cooking, alternative heating, and a supply of non perishable food and stored water should be verified and topped off. Don’t forget about fuel for vehicles, cooking, heating, and power equipment such as snow blowers and generators.

Top up supplies as needed NOW, and stay safe Canada!

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