December 03, 2023
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Storm’s a Comin’

The whole country has seen multiple winter storms this winter and there’s another one set to hit Ontario and eastward in a day or so. Are you doing anything to prepare?

We here in the east are looking at another foot deep snow storm on the way. Sure, we should always be prepared, but let’s face it, there’s always a few things to check on before a storm hits. Here are a few things I’ve done to get ready.

Test Power Equipment And Fuel

Snowblowers and generators are commonly used right after a storm like this. Test run these machines and perform any maintenance such as oil changes. Make sure you have spare parts, such as sheer bolts for the snowblower.

Top off the gas tanks with fresh gas. If you have any stored gas that is close to needing to be changed out, use that. If your machinery is topped off and you find yourself with 30 liters of older fuel like I did, pour it into a vehicle and refill the cans with stabilized gas when you next visit the gas station.

Verify Backup Systems

Check cooking and lighting appliances. Recharge batteries or make a list of any alkaline batteries you need to buy. Having a supply of both types isn’t a bad idea. Check fuel used for cooking or heating such as propane, butane, white gas, etc. Add what you need more of to that battery list.

Top Off Alternative Power

Most preppers have at least a small scale power system such as solar or wind generation. Make sure electrical connections are in good order and that everything is working as it should. If your batteries are low due to cloudy weather, which is common for a day or two before an actual storm, charge them up.

Verify Food And Water Reserves

Oh sure, you’ve got loads of canned, dehydrated, even freeze dried food stocks, but how about the simple basics like bread and milk? Add a few basics that you use every day to that list you started. Double check your stored water supply and fill any empty containers. If you have something like those tub shaped bags like the water bob, get it ready for use and fill it if you think the power is going out.

Tank Up Vehicles

Over the years, I’ve learned that NOT having a power outage during or after a storm is likely the exception and not the rule. Personally, I have no interest in trying to find an open gas station when regional power is out. Go get vehicles fueled up, and don’t forget about any empty gas cans that you had after topping up small machinery. Bring that list with you and get everything on it. If you happen to see a snow shovel at a good price while you’re out, pick one up. It can’t hurt to have a spare in case one breaks.

Good luck folks…winter isn’t done with ANY of us yet.

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