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Winter Weather 2018

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have you found I line of chanteclers available that produce eggs well and are in fact health hardy?

I and a number of girlfriends have worked with a number of available lines of this bird from Quebec an Ontario.. very poor standard available at least what I have seen personally.. one of those breeds that sound great on paper but have had a breed them all.. they are so rare in real life allowing some very poor backyard breeder traits into the breed.


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I remember when I was looking into chicken breeds. The Chanteclers look great on all the websites, but further investigation showed that the majority around these days are all mixed breed and no where near the original. I ended up with a generic red breed similar to a rhode island red and had great success.
Purchased in the spring at a couple weeks old, I held them in a homemade brooder on the dining room table until they feathered out. They were in the outdoor coop early summer and got along very well all winter without any heat at all. Just a deepish litter for bedding and regular (3-4 times per day when -40) and all was good.

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