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I need help

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There is a old electronic device in Medicine hat, is claimed to work, but frankly I expect its broke, and that's ok, these are not worth much. The guy is asking 50 for it,a fair price and what others on ebay roughly sell it for. I suspect its from the mid 40s. Its a low wattage inverter taking in 120 volts dc and giving out 120 volts AC. its just going to be a learning experience for me as I will use it to tear apart.
If anyone is from medicine hat or just coming from that way, and would pick this up for me,and you are heanding north, I would be happy to meet up with you from anywhere south of Ponoka, (maybe down the Red Deer to up to Edmonton to pick this up from you. I
will pay twice the price being asked. So if your coming this way anyway, make a few bucks!!


I can get the same thing off ebay but by the time I pay shipping I will be at a hundered bucks anyway, and I would rather pay a Canadian to get a few extra bucks in his pocket, and I will throw in a bottle of my world famous apple wine to sweeten the deal . Im not in a hurry, even if your not coming up for 4 months, that's fine, Buy it now and hold it until then...my words solid, I wont be changing my mind.

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