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Are you seeing a U.F.O? What to think and do.

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Hello Everyone,

If you think you are seeing a U.F.O. Remember it still has to obey some basic laws of physics. Thank you Star gate SG1.

In TV shows and movies anyway, they seem to move really fast sometimes. Even a hollow balloon with a engine strapped to it, would make a huge sonic boom, moving at that speed past you.

That sonic boom, should pick you up, and throw you, a hundred feet on more, as it passes you.

Could just be the military doing things to keep people away, or experimenting, on them, in the real world.

What if you think you are seeing "aliens". Sometimes anyway, in the movies, they seem to blink out, and then reappear, closer to you. In horror movies too, some spirit or something too. It is well know, that certain blinking lights, can cause seizures in people. Like in video games, for example.

Really bright blinking lights, might make people, have a special type of seizure, where they loose a second or two of time or more. Look at your watch and see how much time has passed. No time, then they are jumping or whatever, or something different. If time has passed, then you are having some type of "blackout seizures" where you loose track of time.

If I was to shine a really bright light like that, at you, and just walked towards you. You might think because of your "blackout seizures" that I'm jumping or blinking, in and out of existence, with some type of super powers or something.

Turn your back on the lights and leave. Go behind a corner. Use dark glasses, like welder goggles. The Inuit of Northern Canada made special sunglasses, out of drift wood. They shape them into glasses and cut narrow slits into them, to let just a little light in. This is to prevent snow blindness, even on a overcast day.

I can say from personal experience, that snow blindness, even on a overcast day, is real. It makes you feel like your eyes are on fire, and for hours. Blurry and gritty feeling, and hard to see. It's from the glare off the snow.

To simulate these goggles, you could use some type of tape, to do the same thing to your glasses or sunglasses. Limit the amount of light that gets into your eyes. If you make some type of funnel out of paper or something. That will also limit, the amount of light, that gets into your eyes, from the sides anyway. Let you see better too, when not looking directly at the light source or sources. But to the sides.

Might be a good time to set some leg hold traps and such.

Remember the truth is out there. :>)

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