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Faraday Options For Your Electronics.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told that you don’t need electronics to survive. Initially, after a major event such as a nuclear strike, that may very well be the case, but that could change moments later. Electronics, while not required to sustain life in it’s purest form, can be a force multiplier that could save your life. Here are some options to protect your gadgets.


EMP cloth is a very effective barrier against an EMP wave. Sold by the linear foot from a roll, or in pre cut sizes, pieces can be sewn together for large items like a generator or even a vehicle. A quality EMP cloth is very effective, but also expensive. In reality, it would be prohibitively expensive to cover anything bigger than a portable generator.


Faraday bags are inexpensive and easily available. Often sold in sets with different sizes, these are a great option for smaller electronics such as cell phones, amateur radios, flashlights, notebooks or tablets, and even night vision gear. If you have a laptop or similar device loaded with survival information, or other similar electronics you want to have available, these are a great option.


Often made from galvanized garbage cans, these act as great faraday cages. Simply place your items inside the can, close the lid, then seal all gaps with conductive tape. If this is your preferred method, consider purchasing extra tape, as you may want to add items as you acquire them, and you will need a new seal for the lid.


This idea has been circulating through the internet for over a decade. Unfortunately, microwave ovens only block a specific frequency and WILL NOT PROTECT from an EMP.


Having electronic devices when SHTF can give you an advantage when it comes to survival. From communications to information storage to tactical equipment to solar power components, EMP protection is a definitive advantage. Given the current threats (yes, multiple countries are using the word nuclear) we now see around the globe, you would be hurting your survival chances by not protecting some electronic gear.

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