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I just saw on the news yesterday that the rockefeller's were divesting themselves of oil and gas in favour of more green technology ambitions.
I think something is up when the oil founding fathers want to bail on a lucritive money making venture.
Just saying.

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http://www.cnbc.com/id/102020458 #.

Its there charitable foundation. And its exciting to see the economic powerhouses of the world do this and move to cleaner forms of energy. When we see the evolution of big business like this where it also has economic benefits its a good sign.


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because of the field of work I am in this makes total finacnial sense for them to be heading this way. Alberta tar sands only have less then 50 years of life left in them and offshore oil is getting too expensive to extract. There is so much natural gas in the world right now that if we did a hard switch right now it would last more then 200 years at our current rate. The rockefellers are going where the money is as they always do.


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Seems Canada is about to finalize a Free Trade pact with the EU. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ5CERYLfqw
If it goes thru, the US can sue Canada for $250 million because we said no to them when they wanted to Frak regions they acquired gas rights to(bet that wasn't in the fine print). Yup, the American way...

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i read this news few weeks ago and it make me think rockefellers know something i dont
im sure they havent suddenly ecological conscience but certainly and alternative energy solution incoming
there no doubt for me there will have new green energy in less than 5 years
something like this car powered on salt water whit 920 hp http://www.gizmag.com/quant-e-sportlimousine-approved-europe-roads/33020/

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I think money is going to follow maximum profit. I read that the price of solar deployments, at utility-level scales, are equal to the price of natgas generation now. Cheaper than nuclear, but not as inexpensive as coal, yet. There is much effort to reduce the costs, though, and tremendous global demand to satiate. Perovskite panels look to reduce photovoltaic cell manufacturing to a fraction of what silicon currently costs, that'll be a game-changer if it comes to market. Any money already in that market will likely come out of it shiny and grinning.

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