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[Sticky] Provincial Moderators Wanted!!!

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Well, now that all the technical stuff on the forum is done and over with, we can get down to some other improvements. We are looking for Provincial Moderators - one for each province/territory to help welcome new members and keep the activity flowing. If you have a generally sunny disposition, love chatting with new people and like to keep conversations going, then please visit the forum and click on the "application" link in the navigation menu. I'm sure there will be lots of responses to this, but we can only handle one moderator per province/territory so please don't feel rejected if you don't get chosen.

Applicants should have some history on the forum. We won't set minimum membership time or post counts, but we would like to see some history of involvement. You won't be asked to settle arguments or ban users or do any policing of any kind...we just want someone welcoming to new users and someone to keep the flow of posts active.

Looking forward to seeing your applications!

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Hi, Just received an email in your search for International Prepper Moderator. Would be interested in becoming a Provincial Moderator. I'm putting the final my final Survival Kit together which I have been working on for the last few years. I also own the Bushcraft Survival book, a wealth of important information. I have broken my kit down to two levels.."Urban" and "Bug Out-vehicle and foot".
I'm quite serious in being prepared for the many possibilities coming are way due to a variety of weather and global calamity survival techniques throu planning investment. I'm located in St Catharines, ON. I would like to contribute my outdoor experience and knowledge and I was once a part of a group that Winter Camped yearly, usually Mid-January. So I know a few skills in survival.

If this brief is of interest in possibly becoming a moderator and you wish to ask a few questions please let me know.


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I'm new to the forum. My experience in Prepping is limited, which is why I registered. I do have a background in Survival and Tactical Training. I've Instructed for Canadian Outward Bound and Survival Systems Ltd. (as Chief Instructor of Military Training). Previously, I was a police officer with the OPP. I was their lead Sniper for a few years, assigned to the Toronto Tactics and Rescue Unit (TRU). I am now retired living in Nova Scotia.

From what I can glean, there hasn't been much discussion in this area, but if you needed someone to help-out. I'd be happy to assist in my area of knowledge.

Kind regards,


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