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Black Friday sales C/T flyer

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Nov 26 to 29 th.
stanley tool kit 229 pcs 99.99
motor oil 50 off get for the genie
40 watt folding solar panel 97.99
7 amp 12v charger
50.00 off from the one bought in summer so returned it heheh
LED spotlight latern 13.49 reg 44.99 ac/dc chargers
9.49 powrer bar reg39.99
75watt moble inverter 8.49
Led work lights 75% off
another coulpe things

underwater is safer than land

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Rapala Cyclone 33cc Ice Auger, 8-in 300 $ 40% OFF from 529$
I bought one of this 3 years ago for 250 and I haven't seen such a good deal until today. Even when they go on sale, I haven't seen them going under 400$

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