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What are your predictions?

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COVID19, winter #2….

Wave #4 is waning, the country is at 80+% of “eligible population” vaccinated, kids vaccines are around the corner, Delta variants is now just a thing and we don’t hear as much about variants of concern.

Yet, there are still a great deal of shortages in the most random of goods, inflation is going through the roof and worldwide apathy is at its highest level in forever. Did I mention that the Chinese government messaged the masses about stockpiling?

Keeping this if the real of reality (let’s keep lizard-people of the table), what are your predictions for the winter to come?

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I predict continued shortages on various items, either real or manufactured.  I also expect continued inflation, although the pandemic may not be responsible for all of it.  Any other predictions I am thinking of will have to ake a "wait and see" stance for now.


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I'm thinking inflation is going to become one of the biggest issues.   we will see sporadic shortages of goods as well.   one of the main things to do is buy good quality tool and good that are going to last instead of the cheap crap that is disposable. stay away from cheap electronics and plastic crap.  Buy yourself good quality foot wear, clothing, tool and whatever else you need now. 

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When the pandemic started and early on I noticed some shortages in the local grocery stores. Floor, powdered milk, salt and a few others.


Haven't really felt much in the way of shortages lately but certainly seeing e effects of inflation and some significant increases in prices. I think it's a safe prediction to say this is only going to get worse. Have adjusted my shopping habits and I am paying more attention to sale items.

Food banks are seeing increased demand, spending power is decreasing. It's only going to get tougher for many.

Now the Port of Vancouver is cut off due to the flooding cutting off highways and rail lines. Curious to see what short term effects this has on the supply chain.

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Inflation is going to be bad in the general overall sense.. Food costs will continue to climb, business will be the ones rationing where and what amounts, it will be the head office that not only will increase prices but do a form of rationing in the sense of .. where will we send these unit, how many will we send, what price point..  already we see sales were you can only get the sale price if you have the card membership and then its a limit of X per household.. this prevents the old stand by of wife buys 4, husband buys 4 and you go back three times in the week and stock up on the 6 month sale.. now, same address, same household, you can get 2 on sale with the card and that's it.. otherwise, pay full price and then they often still do a store limit.. 

Folks do not want to call that rationing yet, they say its about who has the money.. but even that's not true because they might only send 5 or 10 or 100, where two years ago, they would know, this store sells on average 350 so we will send them 400..  

Now they do not care about that, we have gotten use to seeing empty shelves, send 25, ration them out and when they are sold, they are sold.. everyone will walk by now and not even think to say more in the back? why so little shipped in..

I expect we are going to have a good portion of new home buyers in underwater houses and or extreme house poor.. 

I expect we will see even more insurance issues on being able to afford to buy it or if you can even buy it period.. 

I will leave it there..

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I predict that we will see an increase in the number and severity of natural disaster alerts as global climate change worsens. we will likely see more sophisticated, automated systems for providing early warnings of potential disasters to affected communities. These systems may involve artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and other innovative technologies to help quickly identify areas at risk and alert people in those areas so they can take appropriate safety measures.

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I predict my time becomes more valuable working at home than for my paying job. As my money has become much less useful (my propane bill had 7.98% carbon tax fee in Feb …above the 13% gst… yesterday that carbon tax was 11.8% above the gst. We have all see food prices go up…. And while we save a lot of seeds I noted see prices have gone up a ton. 

we however are still using seeds from years ago, eating canned food from last year and still something from the year before. 

things will continue to be harder for those in lower paying job (not me but my growing family isn’t getting cheaper….14 year old eats more then the rest of us. )


I don’t know where the climate is going, not sure where AI is going, I don’t have warm fuzzies about it) and I think the economy will be worse before it’s better. I lack knowledge in the markets which is likely part of my lack of trust in them. My banker tells me when I turn 65 I’ll be making more then I am now…. But that’s if a, b, & c stays stable and the govt doesn’t kill my cpp…. I don’t trust them to do what’s right. 

when i think too long about it I get worried. But I also predict we will be planting a ton of food, building out soil, explanding out knowledge and capabilities, and likely working too much and making less, with far too much to tax. So working from home is a much better deal. ??‍♂️ 

adsum. . . aut viam inveniam aut faciam

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