December 03, 2023
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Moving With Preps

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Well, the plunge is being taken. Not a huge property, but further out from the city and a bit bigger house (kids are gonna be teens soon). The land is also flat instead of our current house being on the side of a mountain.

So here's the have those of you that moved as a prepper pulled it off?

Looking at moving about 1 year from now.

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Congrats on the new place Denob.

My moves have all been long distances and we’re arranged by work, so my biggest involvement was ensuring the packers/loaders/trucker/unloaders and unpacker were happy and taking care of my stuff. I had a few alibis for inquisitive staff regarding my preps “we”re huge into overland camping and hunting” and “I grew up Mennonite so we always had a huge well stocked pantry… force of habits really lol” (whatever)

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Take this as an opportunity to refine your preps/possessions. Purge the unneeded. And start early, a year will fly by. We did a downsize move two years ago. Spent 6 months getting ready to sell and 2 months after for closing date. So much accumulation after 24 years at that location.

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It took 3 of the biggest uHaul trucks I could rent. I moved the household immediate stuff first, then went back and got the rest a week later then 3 weeks later for the last load. It was a long and frustrating process but, it was worth it.
We moved almost 8 hrs away from where we were and made each trip in a 24 hrs period, no staying over.
There were things I gave away or threw away and I regretted it once I got here. I ended up purchasing new ones or new to me things.

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