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Northern Ontario Trapper

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I have joined the network to branch out and find like minded individuals hopefully close to my area. I am a 33, single female whose been trapping alone for four years, I went and spent every penny to be completely offgrid or at the very least extended camp outs. I am serious about living in balance with nature and bring a lot of knowledge to the table as a veteran army chef, who is currently working bought land and I intend to buy more remote soon.


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Welcome to the boards BorealBeaver. would enjoy hearing about life on the trapline.

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What part of Northern Ontario do you hail from? I ask as we frequest North Eastern between the Sault and Sudbury.

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Hello Northern Ont Trapper, I am 63 living on 35 unincorporated acres near Restoule Ontario. South of Lake Nipissing. Me and my dog have a small house I built 3 years ago. I have enough land and supplies to build another small place. There is lots of good hunting on it. If you want to chat let me know. Dorothy

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