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Remote Viewing

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Hi there fellow preppers - First of all, this is a bit of an unconventional topic, that of Remote Viewing, which some people may have heard of, many others not.
It is not my intent in this post to describe what remote viewing (should actually be better labelled Remote Sensing) is, nor am I going to spend any time defending it to any who are skeptical about it - I have neither the time nor inclination to do so, however, you are always welcome to post your opinion. That said, I am looking for serious people in the Durham Region area (Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, Bowmanville, etc) who might be interested in not only learning about Remote Viewing in depth, but who would be interested in joining a study group to learn the skill of Remote Viewing. I am not selling anything, let me be clear on that also. I have already purchased one of the best Remote Viewing courses on the market, put out by one of the most successful former military Remote Viewers in North America. I also have adjunct courses offered by this gentleman and also several other Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing courses, again put together by top Remote Viewers. I myself have successfully utilized Remote Viewing on too many occasions to list and I am aiming to get together a group of serious and dedicated people who would like to learn RV but for one reason or another have not bought their own course. Remote Viewing like any other skill improves with practice. I run a statistical average of 70% accuracy fairly consistently and have achieved higher accuracy when actively practising RV on a daily basis. I've used it to successfully make money on the stock market both for myself and for previous clients. But again, I am not selling anything, I am willing to share the learning tools I have in order to create a local group of Remote Viewers.
Anyone who isn't aware of what it is, there is a lot of information available for the seeking of it online and I also encourage anyone who does check it out to also read up on what skeptics say - that's the way I like to research anything myself, and find it allows me to be a bit more discerning when I make decisions about something new.
I am located centrally in Durham, easily accessible by private and public transportation and where I live there is a large common room for residents use so a place to meet is not a problem - I would like to keep the group relatively small in size - no more than 20 and at least 10. Its free, its fun and its a darn useful skill to hae ve.
Anyone who would like to communicate with me about my offer please private message me. There is an extensive basic course, then targeted courses on RVing financial markets, lottery, locating thing/people/etc. geographically (called Co-ordinate RV), RV Time (one of the most challenging obstacles with Remote Viewing is the problem of pinning exact times, dates, etc and time-line specificity) which this program addresses due to a breakthrough by a group of RVer's who've developed the the most accurate method ever developed to determine exactly when events have occurred/will occur in future. And on top of all those courses, finally I have a MasterClass Seminar set which trains RVer's in more advanced techniques.
I want to share this information with others because of its intrinsic value and I personally believe that its a skill that would be of tremendous value to preppers for multiple reasons.
Also please note that you don't have to live in Durham to take me up on my offer, as long as you are willing to travel, you're welcome.
I will be interviewing those people who are serious about joining the group - I am looking for specific characteristics in the people I wish to work with, dedication and seriousness, a certain level of maturity, and the ability to see a project through once started. I prefer not to work with "dippers and skimmers". A sense of humour is important too, it helps not to get so wound up with this skill that one tries to force it.
So I'll end this lengthy email and hope I get some positive and interested responses. Everyone take care and hope you are all well battened down for the icy rain coming our way over the next 24-48hrs. Be safe out there and be snug and prepared at home. Tribalgem1

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By far this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of in my life. I hope no one falls for this pseudo...whatever it is.

Skeptical yes. Because there is NO proof, and NO legitimacy to this. I hope no one is enticed by your comments on the stock markets, or anything else. Thats usually how desperate people are roped into things like this.

This isnt about open minds, or accepting of the unknown. There is NO evidence this works at all. Lots of anecdotal stories, many made up and completely false. Its a shame this has shown up on a prepping site. You would have better luck going to paranormal or ghost forums to peddle this.

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And it's not the first time the subject has been brought up.
This is so far out there that I think it belongs in the little used Fringe I'm moving it there.

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