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Playing Today

It’s Day #1 of the Home Grown Food Summit…

… And the first 5 speaker presentations (VIDEOS) are now live online, available for you to watch and re-watch for the next 24 hours, for FREE, if you’re registered!

So, I just wanted to check in and confirm…

You’re coming, right?

(If you’re not registered yet, click here to sign up.)

Because this 100% online event has now STARTED!

And look who’s speaking on Day #1:

Ronnie Cummins
“Grassroots Rising: How Regenerative Ag Can Save The World”

David the Good
“Compost: The Movie”

Greg Peterson
“Planting Fruit Trees”

Dr. Patrick Jones
Kitchen Medicine II: More Medicinal Herbal Wonderments In Your Spice Drawer!”

Red Louvish
Road Kill: Judging The Edibility Of Found Meat”

And yes!

This event is just getting started, this is only Day #1.

This FREE event runs for 7 full days!

And features 36 expert presentations.

Yes, you’re offered the opportunity to purchase the event to “watch on demand, on your schedule.”

(A great option if you can’t make it through all 36 presentations this week, or your Internet connection is unpredictable.)

But no purchase is necessary.

If you want to watch the entire Home Grown Food Summit for free…

Then yes, by all means, watch it for FREE!

Again, though, you must be *registered* to gain access to the daily presentations.

So, don’t wait any longer…

Click here to register and watch for FREE!

… Because you’re already missing it!

Hope you can make it!


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