June 15, 2024
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Communications SOI – Part 1 – Local Comms

There are two pieces of information needed to arrange a conversation. All parties need to know when and where to meet. Local radio communications is limited by line of sight, output power, and obstacles. This means effective comms is limited to a


Fireside Friday – How to copy Baofeng channels from one radio to another using chirp.

If you own more than one ham radio, you likely want them to all have the same programming. This is done easily with CHIRP, however you may brick your radio if not done properly. Here I show you step by step, how


China Breaks Into HF Ham Radio Market!

When Chinese manufacturers came up with the Baofeng UHF/VHF hand held radios, the preparedness community gobbled them up like Potassium Iodide pills after a nuclear melt down. These affordable hand held ham radios gave a much needed boost to the amateur radio

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